Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food Addiction

Ok, so its official...I am saying it and I am saying it out loud.....I.AM.ADDICTED.TO.FOOD.

I just love the way good food makes me feel.  I just love the way food tastes.  I just love the way food seems to comfort me.  I think about food constantly.  I think about food when I am happy, sad, stressed, name it...I am thinking about food.
Who does that?????  Who thinks about food 24/7????  That is just NOT normal.  I know people who say they forget to eat sometimes.  How is that POSSIBLE?????  What??? Forget to eat????? Not happening for this girl here. I think my issue is that I sometimes forget to STOP eating.  UGH!!!!!
This journey is a tough one, but I am determined to conquer this!  I am trying to have other hobbies and interests to take my mind off of the 24 hour food obsession\addiction.
How do you cope with these feelings?  I wish there was an easy way to tackle these issues.  Ok, my rant is over.
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

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