Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope you all stay safe and enjoy being with your family and friends.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Over Did It!!!

Yesterday was weigh-in day.....and I knew it would be ugly!  I went in and no one, I mean no one was there.  I stepped up on the scale and bingo...3lbs UP!!!!! I knew it!  I knew it!!!! I just knew it!!!  Those darn Christmas cookies and treats!!!!  Gotta stay away from that stuff.  Its ok though.  Its over, I have moved on and am now back on track.
Went to the gym this morning and worked out on the elliptical and the bike.  Had grilled chicken for lunch.  Have one more holiday (new year's day) to get through and then all should be ok again.
Until next time stay strong and eat healthy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Didn't Feel Like It

With the Holidays upon us and all the hustle and bustle to get things done, I didn't go to my weigh-in last night.  To be honest, I just didn't feel like it.  I was exhausted by the time the work day was over and I just had so many other things on my mind.  I will go next week but I will make sure that I still stay on track.  I have been hitting the gym hard and I have been feeling good.
I am off to do some last minute shopping during my lunch break.  I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season.  I'll be back soon!
Until next time eat healthy and stay strong.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reaching Milestones

Weekly weigh-in was today.  I was confident going in because I really watched what I ate and the portion sizes this week.  I also exercised 5 out of 7 days and I made sure that I worked up a good sweat during those times.  I also was able to do some weight training circuits so I knew that would help me.  In to the Weight Watchers meeting I went.  Up on the scale I stepped......very good says the receptionist.  I look at her and she says you lost 5.2 lbs this week!!!!!!  EXCELLENT!!!!!  I wanted to jump up and down!!!  I was also given my ring for having lost 25 lbs.  Well, its actually 25.8 lbs that I have lost.  :-)  I reached the 25 lb marker!!!!!  YES YES YES!!!!!!  I am really liking this.
When I go to the gym at work, people are commenting on how I look and saying that I am really doing a great job with getting my workouts in.  The trainer even said that I am doing a great job.  The comments mean so much to me.  It just makes me want to work that much harder to get healthier.
My journey is continuing and I am really beginning to like this ride.  I hope everyone else is doing well too.  It is a long hard road for us to travel, but we can do it.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Again....

I was able to go to weigh-in yesterday and I have good news to report...down another 2.6lbs!!!!  Yes!!!!  I was sooooo happy to say the least.  I was working hard all week to get that result.  I went to the Y and did the elliptical and the bike and then I also did the weight circuit.  I felt really good after the workout too.  This morning I went to the gym at work and did a walk/run interval on the treadmill and then rode the bike.  I was really sweating when I was done and let me tell you that the sweat made me feel I know.

I really want to run a 5k in the Spring.  I am still doing the c25k program.  I am taking my time with it.  So, I figure by the Spring time I should be ready.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do to prepare for such a race?

Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ups and Downs

Ok, so right now I am on a rollercoaster ride.  I am up 2lbs and I really knew it was going to happen.  I am not worried because I was back in the gym this morning hitting it hard. I am determined to get this thing done.  My clothes are fitting better and so I know I am still making progress.  Also, people on my job have commented about the fact that I look great. 
I'm ready for the holidays.  I will keep my eating under control and continue to concentrate on the portion sizes.  Weight Watchers has this new Points Plus program, but for now i am going to stick to the old system. Hey, change is hard for me so I have to take baby steps.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.