Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maybe Next Year

Well, I didn't get picked for this year's CNN Tri Challenge and while I am disappointed, I am not going to let this stop me from getting healthier and being the best me that I can be.  I am going to continue to do my thing with Weight Watchers and going to the gym.  Maybe I will try again next year to get picked.
This week I have been concentrating on mindless eating.  I know that when I am bored, I will eat.  I will eat when I am sitting at the computer doing nothing.  I will eat when I see my snacks just sitting on my desk, even if its not time for me to eat them or even if I am not hungry.  So, yesterday when I was bored and felt the munchies coming along, I took a brisk walk outside around my office building.  When I came back in I felt rejuvenated and didn't want anything to munch on.  I was able to hold off until my regularly scheduled snack break.  I am going to try to do these small goals each week and see how it works for me.  Does anyone else do this type of thing?  If so, what do you do and how does it work for you?
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Must Take It Easy For A Bit

A new year!!!  Whew!!  What a whirlwind of a holiday season we had.  It was busy, exciting, fun, a blessing, and exhausting all at the same time.  Now I am getting back into the groove of things. 
I have been tracking my food and also drinking a ton more water. I am concentrating on what my body is telling me and when I am full, I do not eat...hmmm...imagine that!?!? I get weighed tomorrow so we will see how I am doing.  I know I shouldn't focus so much on the number on the scale, but it is hard not to.
I have been going to the gym and doing my weights and cardio and I am taking on SPIN class a week.  I noticed that during my SPIN class, when my heart rate gets elevated, I start to get a really bad headache.  At first I didn't think anything of it, but then it happened again.  It then happened when I was doing some intense (well, intense to me, lol) weight training.  I knew that I had not been feeling myself lately.  I just felt kind of sluggish and just plain tired.
So, I went to the doctor and guess what???  I have bronchitis!!!  UGH!!!!  Well, I am thanking God that it is not anything more serious, because I was really worried about my blood pressure, etc.  So, the doc said to take it easy for a few days and he gave me some antibiotics.  We are also going to get some blood work done, but all should be ok.  Once I get back to feeling like myself I am going right back to SPIN class hoping that the headaches will be gone.
I think I might start posting my weight numbers just so that I can keep myself more accountable.....its just so daunting....I will have to think about it.
Well, until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.