Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down Wednesdays

This has been one loooonnnnggg week!!!  I have my weigh -ins on Wednesday as you probably know by now.  Let me just say that this was another victorious week for me.  I am down another 2.4 lbs for a total loss of 11.6 so far!!!!  I cannot express how happy and excited I am right now.  I am going to keep on track with my exercising (although I haven't been able to do much this week because of my darn ankle) and I am going to keep mindful of my portion sizes.  I am not the best food tracker but I am always aware of points and what I am eating. Its funny how now before I eat something I question whether or not its worth the points.  Maybe I am actually beginning to learn something. :-)  So, until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Made It Through

Sunday was the big 5k/2k fun run and walk.  I wasn't feeling well all weekend, but I knew I ust had to go through with the race.  I signed up for the walk and was determined to participate.  My girlfriend and I planned to run\walk the 2k since we hadn't properly trained for the 5k.  It was tough but we made it through.  I was so excited.  We are now encouraged to officially train and sign-up for a 5k.  The only problem I have is that my ankle hurts.  It has been giving metrouble, but it usually doesn't last long.  This time, however, is different.  It is swollen and really painful.  I will probably have to call the doctor to get an xray.  On another note, I have been eating really well and have been watching my portion sizes.  I can't wait to weigh-in this week.  Last week I lost 2.2 lbs so we will see what happens.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Did It Again

Yes!!!  I had my weekly weigh in on Wednesday and guess what???!!!  I lost another 2.2 lbs!!!  Yippee!!!  I was so excited because I had been trying hard all week to concentrate on portion sizes and exercising.  Looks like it worked for me.  I am almost at a 10 lb loss.  That is big for me because I was usually only losing 1 or 2 lbs and then gaining it back.  I think the accountability of Weight Watchers is helping me tremendously!  On Sunday I am doing a 2k fun walk but my plan is to run the whole thing.  I was going to sign up for the 5k but I just didn't have the time to train the way that I knew I should so the 2k will have to do for now.  I am looking forward to signing up for a 5k in the near future though.  Has anyone recentlys signed up for their first 5k?  Well, that's all for now.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surviving the Party

Somehow I made it through.  We had my little girl's 2nd birthday party on Saturday and there was food everywhere.  I had a cupcake, a slice of pizza, and some fruit and veggies.  I made sure to make the fruit and veggies a priority.  Later that day I had a soft pretzel.  I thought for sure I would have had some more cupcakes and cake, but I practiced some self control and it worked.  YES!!! I was really proud of myself.  My goal for this week is to exercise at least three times.  We'll see how I do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday's Weigh-In

Well, it was time to see how much damage I had done during my vacation.  I had contemplated not going to the Weight Watcher's meeting at all because I just didn't have good vibes.  I completely had NO motivation to go at all!!  I just wanted to eat something instead of going to the meeting.  BUT something inside of me clicked and I talked myself into going.  I told myself that nothing good would come out of me not going.  I told myself that this was no time to give up.
So, after work, off to the weigh-in I went.  I stepped onto the scale and waited........Up 1 lb!!!!  Ok, ok, I had to breathe because it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  A 1 lb gain while being on vacation is not something to throw the towel in for.  I got myself together, stayed for the meeting, and went home and had a great dinner.  I had baked salmon and steamed broccoli. 
Today is a new day and I am ready to get back to tracking my eats and staying within my points.
Is anyone else out there having to constantly talk to themselves to stay motivated?  What other things do you do when you feel like calling it quits?
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Now Its Over

No, not my weight loss.....summer!  I am back from vacation so summer is officially over for me now.  I had a blast on vacation at the beach.  I had a small victory the one night when everyone got ice cream and I decided not to have any.  Now anyone who knows me knows that ice cream is my weakness and I could eat it everyday.  I just didn't want to spoil my day of eating healthy so I passed on the ice cream.  I also did A LOT of walking so I am sure that I accumulated some activity points on some of those days.  I have weigh in on Wed so we'll see how I did.  I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still Here

I'm still here.  I'm on vacation so its a little hard for me to get a connection and post.  I am trying to stay on track with eating.  I haven't weighed in this week becauase I cant find a Weight Watchers place.  I will get back to regular posts soon. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quickie Lunch

Been busy running around doing errands today.  Just wanted to stop by to say that I had a 6" turkey and southwest chipotle sauce sandwich from Subway.  It was delish!!  Then I was at Target and saw that they had the Oikos organic greek yogurt with carmel.  I heard other people say that this was awesome so I wanted to give it a try.  Boy am I glad I did!!!  I had it for dessert after my lunch.  It was beyond fantastic!!  I loved every spoonful of it.  I topped it with some Galaxy vanilla almond granola that I had.  YUMMY!!!!  I am full now.  I will have to start taking pictures of what I eat just to show you how healthy I am trying to be.  Well, gotta go.  Be strong and stay healthy!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One by One

Slowly but surely, I am losing weight.  Last night was my week 5 weigh-in.  I lost one pound!!!!  UGH!!! Well at least it was a loss, right???  I just wish it was coming off faster.  Now I know that it will take some time since I didn't just wake up one day with all of this weight on me.  I am trying to stay encouraged and keep it all in perspective.
Today I am going to focus on staying hydrated.  I am going to concentrate on whether I am truly hungry or if I am just thirsty.  I will see how this goes and let ou know.
What do you do to stay motivated?  How do you deal with losing one pound at a time?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Time To Sit

Yesterday when I woke up, I kept saying to myself that I would make it a day of healthy and mindful eating.  Before I left for work I had waffles topped with yogurt, almond butter, and strawberries (which seems to be a favorite of mine now).  I calculated the Weight Watchers points to be 3 for the waffles and 4 for the yogurt.  For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with arugula and asiago cheese.  Not sure how many points but at least I felt like I was eating healthy.  I brought a banana from home for my afternoon snack, but I didn't eat it because lunch made me full for the rest of the afternoon.  The plan for when I got home was to unwind a bit and then get dinner.  Wellm I walked into the house to my little girl saying, "Mommy, I wanna go swimming!"  She kept running through the house saying, "I'm going swimming, I'm going swimming!"  So, I couldn't disappoint.  I threw on the bathing suit, got her ready and out the door we went.   had to rush because there was onl a limited amount of time that the pool was available for "open" swim.  Since my little girl is still small, I have to hold her while we are in the pool.  I decided to get the most out of it and do some water jogging and lunges across the pool.  She loved it and I felt like I was getting a great workout.  Win-Win situation for us both.  Although I wanted to sit down and relax after work, I am glad my little girl made me take her swimming.  These activities have got to start paying off sometime, right?  I'll be going to the beach next week.  Any suggestions on what I can take for healthy snacks?  Weigh-In tomorrow night...EEK!!!