Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Time To Sit

Yesterday when I woke up, I kept saying to myself that I would make it a day of healthy and mindful eating.  Before I left for work I had waffles topped with yogurt, almond butter, and strawberries (which seems to be a favorite of mine now).  I calculated the Weight Watchers points to be 3 for the waffles and 4 for the yogurt.  For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with arugula and asiago cheese.  Not sure how many points but at least I felt like I was eating healthy.  I brought a banana from home for my afternoon snack, but I didn't eat it because lunch made me full for the rest of the afternoon.  The plan for when I got home was to unwind a bit and then get dinner.  Wellm I walked into the house to my little girl saying, "Mommy, I wanna go swimming!"  She kept running through the house saying, "I'm going swimming, I'm going swimming!"  So, I couldn't disappoint.  I threw on the bathing suit, got her ready and out the door we went.   had to rush because there was onl a limited amount of time that the pool was available for "open" swim.  Since my little girl is still small, I have to hold her while we are in the pool.  I decided to get the most out of it and do some water jogging and lunges across the pool.  She loved it and I felt like I was getting a great workout.  Win-Win situation for us both.  Although I wanted to sit down and relax after work, I am glad my little girl made me take her swimming.  These activities have got to start paying off sometime, right?  I'll be going to the beach next week.  Any suggestions on what I can take for healthy snacks?  Weigh-In tomorrow night...EEK!!!

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