Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling Good

Today I had my Personal Training session.  At first I did NOT feel like going to the gym at all.  I sucked it up and went anyway.  I am sooooo glad that I did.  My Trainer is awesome and he really gives me a great workout.  When we were finished, I felt re-motivated (if that's a word) and ready to tackle this weight loss thing once again. Has anyone been watching the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss show?  I've seen it and I do like it.  Although I believe that I'd be able to lose the weight like them also if I had someone dedicated to me for 365 days.  The part I'd really like is having my food paid for and provided to me.  What are your thoughts?
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bike Ride Monday

Oh how I love to ride my bike!!!  I was able to wake up and get out of the house on time this morning....yippee!!!  That meant that I was able to get in a nice bike ride once I made it to work.  It was such a beautiful morning for a ride too.  I rode around work a little bit and then I did laps around the parking lot.  Let me just say that I was sweating and my legs were burning.....yes!!!  I rode for about 30 minutes.  Then, since I had such a bad weekend of eating, I decided that I would start anew this morning as far as eating is concerned.  I had oatmeal with Peanut Butter mixed in and two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.  Then I had a chobani yogurt with high fiber cereal mixed in for my mid morning snack.  I think that is a good start so far.  Oh and I forgot to mention that before I went on my bike ride, I had a protein shake.  We'll see how the rest of the day pans out.
Until next time, stay strong a eat healthy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Come and Gone......

This week has been HORRIBLE as far as eating is concerned.  My 21 days of clean eating has come and gone and I have NOTHING to show for it.  Well, I cannot really say that. If nothing else, it has made me more aware of what I am eating.  I am going to continue to be conscious of what I am putting into my body.  I want to show my body the respect it deserves. All that is much easier said than done so I know its going to be a work in progress.  I am having this for breakfast this morning: (Toast with White Chocolate Dreams PB and honey, greek yogurt with strawberries, flax seeds, and granola crunch cereal)

I plan on having a great bike ride this weekend.  We will see how that pans out.  I am definitely getting some type of exercise in.  I have to get my body moving again and get out of this funk I am in.  I will be so glad when my Trainer comes off of vacation next week.  I need his help!!!!
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy......I really need to take this advice for myself!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Joys Of Parenting

I only have time for a quick post.  So here goes.....

Coffee in the cafe - 1.50
Soft Pretzel - 1.00
Having my 2 1/2 yr old daughter get on the floor and do situps with me - PRICELESS!!!!

Last night was the best.  I was going through my exercise routine and she sat right down and started doing situps with me.  She was even breathing like I was.  God, I LOVE that girl!!!  :-)

Ok gotta go, Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok, so I need some motivation!!  I feel like I have been working out real hard, but the daggone numbers on the scale are NOT moving!!!!  What is up with that????  I need something or someone to help me out here!!! How can I get past this freakin' plateau????  I have nothing else to say at the momen, except....Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Out, I Can Box

Whooo Hoooo...the trainer sure did mix it up this morning!!!!  He had me BOXING!!!!  Oh my what a workout that was.  Sweat was just pouring off of my body.....it was FANTASTIC!!!!  I am sore now, but I know that I am working out for the right reasons.
Eating has been sporadic, but I am hanging in there.  I started the day with this:
A piece of toast with some White Chocolate Dreams PB.  I think that's a good start????  We will see how the rest of the day pans out.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.
Is it easy for you to remain on the healthy track throughout the day?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13: Not So Bad....

Monday, Monday...ugh!!!  Why do the weekends seem to go by so fast???!!!  The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning and I was in NO mood to get up, let alone go to the gym.  BUT...I perservered and made it anyway.  I managed 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the elliptical.  The air conditioning at the gym must have been having its own Monday blues because it was so hot in there.  Sweat was pouring off of my body and I enjoyed every bit of it because it made me really think I was working hard.  Hey, maybe I WAS really working hard....lol.
My eating has not been so bad, but it has not been so great either.  For instance yesterday for dinner I had some fried chicken....I mean, really, come on...fried chicken????  I KNOW better.  Its just that everyone else was eating it and I fell into the trap.  OOPS!!!!  Time to get back on track today.  So far this morning for my pre-workout fuel I had a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with some peanut butter, banana, honey and cinnamon.  I also had a nectarine.  I am getting ready to have a hard boiled egg, some cottage cheese and some yogurt for breakfast.  I plan to chug a TON of water today.  Wish me luck!!!  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.  How do you remain strong and eat healthy when others around you are not eating so healthy?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 10...Need To Bump It Up Some

My intention was to ride the bike around work today, but I woke up sooooo late this morning that I didn't even have time to go to the gym or ride the bike!!! UGH!!! I do have my workout clothes in the car so maybe I can make it at lunchtime or after work.  As far as eating goes, I think I could be doing better.  Last night for dinner I had baked Tilapia with  brown rice, beans and broccoli.  Now that was not bad.  For lunch I had  half a chicken salad sandwich but chicken salad scares me sometimes because of the mayonnaise.  I know the mayo isn't healthy and since I didn't make it, I cannot control how much is in there.  I did have healthy snacks: yogurt with fruit and an energy bar.  I just think that I need to maybe eat salads for lunch and definitely incorporate some salads for dinner.  I want to definitely concentrate on not eating processed foods.  Today for lunch I have a turkey and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  I have a nectarine for my morning snack and some yogurt with granola for my afternoon snack.  I also have my water bottle so I intend to get plenty of water in throughout the day.  Wish me luck.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.
Any suggestions on healthy snacks or meals?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9 and The Personal Trainer

Today is Day 9 of healthy eating and so far I am doing great.  I had my water first thing in the morning.  After my workout I had yogurt with high fiber cereal, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries mixed in.  I also had a hard boiled egg and about two tablespoons of cottage cheese. 
Yesterday I was running around all day and when I finally had a chance to eat I wasn't sure what I wanted.  So, for my very late lunch I had this:
I had some yogurt with high fiber cereal, flax seeds, and almonds mixed in.  I had a piece of cinnamon swirl toast with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon on top.  Needless to say, this was very filling.
I had another session with the trainer this morning and lets just say that I am walking gingerly and my ab muscles are burning!!!  He really does a great job with me....I look forward to going to him every week.  Well, gotta go for now.  Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Made It!!!

Just a quick post to say that I was able to get a ticket to this year's Healthy Living Summit!!!!  I am so excited and cannot wait for the weekend of August 19th to get here.  Anyone else going???

Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6 and What an Exciting Weekend

I had the best weekend that I've had in a long time!!! Saturday was spent having fun with my daughter.  We took her to all sorts of fun activities and by the time we got home she was knocked out!  We were at the on festivity and she looks at me and says "this is fun!"  I was in my glory.  When she's happy, I am happy.  Then all weekend I was thinking that I was going to miss going to the Philly bike race and fitness expo.  I was bummed big time!  Each time I read or heard something about it, I got more and more upset.  Then out of the blue, my Mom says that she'd watch my daughter if I wanted to go to the race!!!  YES!!!!  YIPPEE!!!  Thank you, MAMA!!!
I went to the race and had the BEST time!!!  It was awesome to be in the company of so many bikers and to be able to see the racers up close and personal.  I got some good pics too!  I was even able to get some good freebies that were being given out.  Can't wait until the next race.
Day 6 of eating properly and I am doing good so far.  This morning I had egg whites, spinach, tomato, and cheese on a whole wheat english muffin.  I am about to eat some greek yogurt with granola for my mid morning snack.  We will see how the rest of the day pans out.
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Off

Today is Friday and to be honest, I just didn't feel like going to the gym for my workout.  I was feeling tird, drained, and miserable.  So instead of going to the gym and doing a mediocre workout, I opted to skip it and take the day off.  I'm still on the 21 day eating healthy plan and today is day 3. Just because I am not working out today, does not mean that I will resort to eating junk.  I am sticking with it.
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

Do you ever feel too tired and miserable to workout?  Do you push yourself to go to the gym anyway?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

21 Days Straight

Today was another day with the Trainer.  He had me working on my arms, legs, and abs.  The main and toughest part was focusing on the arms.  My arms are so tired that I am shaking as I type this.  He worked me out good and I totally appreciate it.
I was reading one of the many blogs that I have in my Google reader and figured I would try out a couple of things.  Endurance Isn't Only Physical stated that she started her weight loss journey by working out and eating properly for 21 days straight.  I thought that sounded like a good idea so today is day 2 of my eating right.  Yesterday I had grits and cottage cheese after my workout.  Before my workout I had a piece of toast with almond butter, smashed banana, cinnamon, and honey. For lunch I had a tuna sandwich (although I was a little leary to eat it because of the mayonaise) and some seltzer water with lemon.  For dinner I had some salmon and tilapia along with some broccoli, brussel sprouts and rice.  Not bad for my first day.
We'll see how this goes.  I know I will have no problem with the working out part, its just the eating that concerns me.  Wish me luck! 
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.