Monday, April 2, 2012

Whole Foods Hungry

Well, here we are into another month. I had a great weekend! Our friends were here from out of town so we spent most of the time catching up and reminicising. My daughter just loves them so she was on over drive the entire weekend.
Yesterday I decide to head over to Whole Foods to pick up some things for the week. They just opened the store near me about a month ago. Boy was it crowded. I got some fruits and veggies, some granola, yogurt, and quinoa. Then I started putting unnecessary stuff in the cart. Why???? Because like the crazy person I am, I went to the store while I was hungry!!!! Duh!!! It's my own fault and I should know better. I put a Carmel coated beignet in the cart along with some things from the hot foods bar like rice and chicken. Then I got one of those Odwalla drinks.....did I need that??? No!! When I got home and started eating the beignet, it was sickening.....too sweet and definitely too much Carmel! I threw half of it away which to me is a win since I would normally just force myself to eat the whole thing. I should have taken a picture of it so that you could see all the ooziness (not sure if that's a word). At any rate, I plan to have a great week food wise. I am going to track everything I eat and keep up with th points. I am even going to Weight Watchers this week! Hey, summer is coming and I want to feel comfortable.
On a side note, I ordered some padded bike shorts. Can't wait until they come in. Bike riding is definitely going to be my thing this summer.
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

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