Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Circuit

Hope everyone's Fourth of July was filled with lots of fun. I know I had a blast hanging with family and friends.  I must admit that I did not do much on the exercise front though.  However, Tuesday morning I made up for that by having a session with the Trainer.
He had me doing a circuit and let me tell you that I just LOVED it.  We did step ups with the kettlebell which was 25lbs.  Then we did squat and presses with 10 lb dumb bells.  Next up was lunges with the same 25lb kettlebells.  Followed by ab work on the mat.  And finallhy we did some boxing.  We did this circuit two times and let me say that I was winded.  I hope we do more circuit type things.  I let the Trainer know that I like these so that maybe he can work them into our routine more.  I think our sessions were running out so I signed up for 5 more....oh boy!!!!  I don't know what I was
I was supposed to be out bike riding this morning but I am catching a dredded head cold.  My sinuses are all congested and clogged.  UGH!!!!  So, I am just going to take it easy this morning.
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

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