Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Excited

Hope everyone is having a terrific Sunday.  This heat these past couple of days has been horrendous!  I still managed to go to the Y to get some cardio and strength training in.  I was so proud of myself because it meant having to get up early while on vacation.  I am determined to get healthier so I had to keep telling myself that its going to be worth it for me to make sacrifices like getting up at the crack of dawn.
I'm so excited to be attending the HLSummit in Philly in August.  I must admit that I am also very nervous because I have never attended a blogging event like this before.  However, my fears have been somewhat parlayed because Caitlin over at HTP was so kind ro start an email list of all the newbies attending so that we could reach out to each other and also see that we are not alone.  Thank you so much, Caitlin!  This has really made me wish the event was today.  :-)  I cannot wait to meet so many awesome people and to also learn a lot.
Well, gotta go for now, but until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.

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