Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stuck In The House.....Not Healthy

It just started raining about an hour or so ago here.  We have tied everything down that we can and what couldn't be tied down is either in the garage or in the basement.  I am praying to God that this storm is not as bad as predicted and that we all fare well when its all said and done.
We are pretty much stuck in the house for now and for me that has not been a good thing.  My sister and my daughter are making chocolate chip cookies and I already had one...ugh!!  I don't even really like chocolate chip cookies but the smell of them coupled with my being bored had me munching on one.  THEN to make matters worse, I had some ice cream last night.  These past two days have not been healthy for me at all.  I am in trouble because I also missed the last two days at the gym.  Someone please make hurricane Irene go away before I become as big as a house.....AGAIN!!!!!
What are your tips for staying healthy when you are stuck in the house during a storm????? Suggestions are truly needed.
Until next time, stay strong and eat healthy.....wait, I think I need to heed my own advice here.  :-)

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