Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays

So after taking last week off from the gym, I am back at it this week.  A couple of people came up to me asking where I had been.  The trainer even stopped me and asked if everything is ok.  I told him that I had been struggling and that its been hard with all of the holiday treats laying around the office. He told me not to give up.  Told me to stay the course and maybe not go as hard as I had been going, but to definitely hang in there.  Its nice to know that people care and are looking out for me.  I need all of the support that I can get.
I am almost fininshed with my Christmas shopping.  Once the shopping is done, I will feel like I can relax a little.  How is everyone else's shopping going?  Hopefully we can all have safe and blessed holiday season.  I also hope that I can enjoy the festivities without stressing over what the scale will say when its all said and done.  I am going to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now in case I don't get back bedfore then.
Well, until next time, stay strong and eat healthy!

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