Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giving Into Temptation And Not Feeling Guilty

Whew!!!  Can't believe the weekend is over and its Tuesday already!!!  So much to do.  I made it through te weekend by being prepared with my eats.  I knew we were taking my daughter to the Aquarium and i didn't want to eat any junk food while there.  I packed a peanut butter sandwich for me and made sure that I had some fruit and cereal before we left the house,  Then on Sunday, I was really, really really craving ice cream.  Ice cream is my weakness so, I gave into temptation and had a single serving.  That in itself is a victory for me because I would normally have two or maybe even three times that amount.  When I was finished, I was satisfied and happy.  I am glad I gave in because if I didn't I would have obsessed over ice cream the entire day and probably even the entire weekend until I had some.
I have heard that on this weight loss journey, you are not (or should not) supposed to deprive yourself.  As long as you don't make it a habit, all should be ok.  Tomorrow is weigh in so I will be back to let you know how I made out.  Hope all is well with you guys.  Keep up the fight!

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