Thursday, August 26, 2010

Staying the Same

Last night was weigh in.  I wasn't really feeling like I lost anything.  I just felt kinda blah.  I went in with my head held high though in hopes for good results.  And, you know what happened???  Nothing!!!  I stayed the same...didn't lose or gain.  Oh well.  I am not stressing though because I know what happened.  I didn't track my points for a couple of days and didn't write anything down.  I just tried to keep count in my head.  Obviously that is not a good thing and not a habit I want to get into.  I also wasn't able to get to the gym. So, I am making goals to get to the gym this week and to write down everything!  Wish my luck and pray that I stay strong.


  1. You can certainly stay strong! That strength is within in you and is what has carried you to where you are today. You know what things to change and that's a great step in making progress. :)

  2. Thanks Tina, this really means alot.