Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting It Done

Whew!  I have been to the gym 4 days this week!!!  I am shooting for 5 days in a row.  That would be classic for me.  I am still doing the Couch 2 5k program and have finished up week 2.  Let me tell ya, week two was hard for me.  I know I only added another 30 sec to each running interval but it seemed like murder!!!  I was really huffing and puffing toward the end of each set.  Well, I know it will take some time and I feel like I can do it so I am not about to give up now.
Went to get weighed in last night......down another pound!!!!!  Yes!!!  I really thought I would be down more with all of the exercising I have been doing but no such luck.  I am still being very mindful of my eating and so I really was a little disappointed by the one pound loss.  I am determined to hang in there though.  I am not quitting.  I have to get to a healthy weight because the weight I am carrying now is taking its toll.
I did manage to say no to the birthday cake that was being passed around at work.  And yesterday someone wanted me to taste some seasoned fries but I held my ground and said no thank you!  They kind of looked at me crazy because in the past I would have been all over those  Anyway, I am working on my will power and finding it easier and easier to say no to certain things.
That's all for now....until next time stay strong and eat healthy.  :-)

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